Tips for Reading More

Finding time to read when you have a busy schedule can be quite challenging, and sometimes even frustrating. Currently I am working part time as well as taking 20 credit hours this semester in college. In other words, I’m busy. At the beginning of the semester I wasn’t reading for fun at all because I was so overwhelmed with homework and studying that I just couldn’t find the time, but now I’m halfway through the semester, and I’ve figured out a few ways to get my reading in.

  1. Carry a book with you everywhere. Like I said, I’m in school, so this is a little easier for me because I can just put it in my backpack. But, even if you don’t have a backpack, still carry one anyway. You never know when you may get a little extra time to squeeze in a few pages. For me, this is usually between classes, but for you it may be while your waiting on the bus, for a phone call, or during lunch.
  2. Get the kindle app. I know, I know, I know. Reading from a phone or a kindle doesn’t give you the same feel as reading for a book where you can feel the weight in your hands, but hear me out. One, you always have your phone with you, so you’ll always have a book with you as I suggested in my first tip. Two, if you finish your book you can immediately by a new one from amazon.
  3. Set a daily reading goal. A daily reading goal is a lot less daunting than a monthly book goal. If you set your goal at 50 pages a day, maybe even 25 if you’re busy like me, then you will be making progress every single day. Who care if you only read 4 books in a month, as long as you are happy with the amount of reading you are doing?
  4. Don’t over do it. This kind of goes along with my last point, but don’t push yourself to read so much that it’s no longer fun. Reading for fun is, obviously, supposed to be fun! Read when you can, when you want to, and as much as you want. Reading is very personal. Don’t feel pressured to read a certain amount because you used to, because I so, or because anyone says so. Do as much reading as feel right. If you burn yourself out, you’ll end up doing a lot less reading than if you only read a few pages a day.

That’s all I have! I hope this is helpful, and that you enjoyed my post. Thank you so much for reading.


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