Dead Until Dark: A Review

Dead Until Dark, by Charlaine Harris, is the first novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series. You may also know it as the True Blood series. I picked it up after watching the first few seasons of the HBO series, True Blood. The mass selling paperback edition is 292 pages, and it took me around two days to finish. I quite enjoyed this book, but it was by no means “mentally taxing.”

Dead Until Dark is set in a time where Vampirism has come to light, and while it is the law to accept them, many do not. The book follows a young woman named Sookie who lives in Louisiana. She is just a waitress, but she can also read the minds of others. Sookie meets Bill who is a Vampire, and is not widely accepted by the town. Many murders begin to occur, and when Sookie’s coworkers start to killed off one-by-one, she becomes scared for her life.

I will grade this book from a scale of 1-10 in the categories of writing style, characters, plot, and overall enjoyment.

In terms of writing style, I give this book an 8. Because it is set in Louisiana, Harris takes on a very heavy southern accent. While this is fun, and often times hilarious, I found it hard to take seriously in many scenes in the novel. Good thing it’s meant to be comedic.

In terms of characters, I give this book a 6. There are way too many characters introduced for a book that is less than 300 pages in length. While it is obvious that Sookie and Bill are the main characters, there is also Jason, Sam, Charlsie, Eric, Long Shadow, Gran, Pam, Rene, Hoyt, and many more. This led to poor character development. Yes, supporting characters are necessary, but I would have enjoyed the book a lot more if I wasn’t required to keep up with so many names.

In terms of plot, I give this book an 8. Like I’ve already said, it was fun. I don’t want to talk too much about the plot because I don’t want to give too much away, but there are enough twists and turns to keep things interesting, but not too many.

In terms of overall enjoyment, I give this book a 9. It was a quick and easy read that’s good for a weekend, or a just a break. I liked the story, the characters, while too many, are funny and likable. I definitely recommend this book if you are looking for something to simply pass the time.

That concludes this review. Thank you for reading, and I hope you found it helpful.


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